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Have a look at September's Top 3 VDI headlines

Posted by UDS Enterprise TeamHave a look at September's Top 3 VDI headlines 2021-10-01 UDS Enterprise TeamHave a look at September's Top 3 VDI headlines

In the month of September, the news returned with force to all sectors. In technology, desktop virtualization solutions (VDI) have once again been the protagonists since they are closely linked to current news.

Top VDI headlines september

Hybrid models of working and teaching are still the norm. Many companies have chosen to combine face-to-face with remote working. Most schools have resumed all face-to-face classes, although they continue to offer eLearning to expand their offerings without space or location limitations for students. In both scenarios, IT teams must be prepared to continue providing service to their users if lockdowns occur due to Covid-19 cases or contacts with positives.

VDI technology offers an efficient and secure solution to ensure business or teaching continuity in the event of a setback such as those noted above. Users can access all the tools they need at any time, from anywhere and on any device.

That is why today, the news related to application and desktop virtualization arouse great interest. Proof of this are the numerous readers who visit our blog articles. We present the most outstanding news of UDS Enterprise, our software for virtual desktops, virtualized applications, and remote access to computers. Added to this information are the news from our channel, configuration tips, technical manuals, video tutorials, and other topics, such as some news from the sector.

Next, we leave the links of the three posts that have registered the most visits during the past month of September:

UDS Enterprise supports AWS EC2 for VDI cloud deployments

Grupo Solutia becomes a Gold Partner of UDS Enterprise

Video: UDS Enterprise 3.0 Installation and configuration

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