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UDS Enterprise

Connection broker to automatically manage 
the full life cycle of Windows and Linux
virtual desktops & apps in a safe, fast and easy way

Enable a secure remote working system:
remote access / virtual desktops and apps

Multiple hypervisors, authenticators and
connection protocols simultaneously

100% customizable. No licenses.
Subscriptions with support and updates



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Remote working

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Virtual Desktop Infrastructures (VDI) allows to store all the programs, applications and user data on a remote server, which can be on-premise, hosted in a private, public or hybrid cloud. Users gain freedom and mobility, since they can access all the tools they need from anywhere, at any time and using any device. IT administrators can centrally manage all their infrastructure, dramatically simplifying administration tasks, personalizing desktops and virtual applications according to the requirements of each user group and increasing the security of the platform, while achieving substantial cost savings. With the UDS Enterprise connection broker you will make the most of all these benefits and you will also enjoy the following advantages:

  • IT work optimization

    -Tackles the complexity of the IT environment simplifying the management and maintenance of the software used throughout the organization. Thanks to UDS Enterprise the IT department can perform all installation tasks, updating, application of security patches and general software maintenance in a centralized way through a single console (instead of having to do it separately on each computer). You only have to implement these actions on the base template or application server and will be executed automatically on all virtual desktops or applications based on that template.

    -Performing all these actions via web browser avoids the expensive IT teams’ travels for those companies having several offices or delegations

    -Simple and flexible management of heterogeneous environments.The support of different OS, virtualization platforms, connection protocols, authentication systems... makes UDS Enterprise the ideal VDI and vApp solution for organizations with different user profiles. For example universities, whose IT department helps students from different specialties, faculties, research, administration and services staff... The computer requirements are different for each of these groups of users and thanks to UDS Enterprise it is possible to meet them in a specific way, choosing the technologies that provide the best performance for each job category.

    -Workstation standardization. The centralized management and monitoring of all the devices allows the IT department to check and verify that all the workstations have the same versions of the different programs and applications, making sure that they are updated, working seamlessly and that there are no incompatibilities when working collaboratively with documents, images...

    -Discontinued solutions or need to implement more efficient technologies. With UDS Enterprise, the migration of the entire environment is carried out in a very simple and non-traumatic way, being able to choose more efficient or economical technological solutions to replace those currently used or to effectively solve the problems caused when one or more of the products that are being used are no longer supported by the manufacturer.

  • Build a bespoke VDI solution

    -Possibility of deploying on-premise virtual desktops and applications, hosted in a private, public or hybrid cloud and using desktops as a service (DaaS) without the need for own hardware.

    -Quick and easy scalability. The large scalability of the solution allows it to be extended or reduced easily according to the real needs of each situation, handling peak demands really quickly.

    -Customized solution. The Open Source nature of UDS Enterprise enables the customers, partners and the user community in general, to make modifications to the software, implementing their own developments, easily integrating them with third-party technologies and building a bespoke VDI and vApp solution, totally personalized both at technical and corporate identity level.

  • Mobility and BYOD adoption

    -Helps to overcome the challenges of mobility and BYOD trends. The implementation of desktop and application virtualization with UDS Enterprise gives to organizations the ability to respond to the current demands of workers to use the tools they need to perform their daily tasks from anywhere, at any time and using any device securely, without jeopardizing the security of corporate information. In addition, it offers a strong, easy-to-use and flexible solution for mobility workers, who have to move out of the office to carry out their work.


  • Control and data security

    -Far greater IT infrastructure control. UDS Enterprise makes available to the IT team all the necessary tools to control programs, websites, applications...  that workers use during their workday. It is possible to limit access and configure the virtual desktops and applications so that they can only use the necessary tools for their day-to-day work. In this way the safety of the environment increases considerably.

    -Increase of security. With UDS Enterprise the IT department can implement the security policies that best fit to the professional activity requirements of each group of users in the organization. In case of a security breach, the threat can be easily isolated and fixed. The support of non-persistent virtual desktops makes it possible that, by simply restarting or closing the session of the infected virtual desktop or application, the threat is removed, thus providing an agile recovery against possible disasters.

    -Improved data control. UDS Enterprise allows to establish the backup policy that best suits each organization in a simple, efficient, secure and centralized way, ensuring that corporate information is always safe and controlled.

  • Cost savings

    -Cost control in the acquisition of new devices. UDS Enterprise allows to reuse devices that have become obsolete as connection clients to virtual desktops and applications, extending their useful life and offering the same features as with next-gen devices. In the event that investment in new devices is unavoidable, then it is possible to reduce it to a minimum by acquiring low-cost devices, such as zero clients, thin clients, Raspberry Pi or Chromebooks, which are fully compatible with UDS Enterprise for user access to Windows and Linux virtual desktops and applications.

    -Cost-saving in software acquisition. The compatibility of UDS Enterprise with a wide range of Open Source technologies allows the creation of a virtual desktops and applications platform totally free and Open Source, avoiding the high cost of licenses usually associated with the different software components of the infrastructure. Its marketing model through subscriptions by number of users allows to reduce costs significantly, especially in environments with a large number of users, since there is a flat rate from 351 users.

  • Optimal user experience

    -Users only have to open a web browser and enter their credentials to access UDS Enterprise and start using all the tools they need, whose configuration has been previously optimized by the IT team to ensure the best performance. The possibility of configuring the environment in high availability provides a 24/7 service without interruptions for users, guaranteeing business continuity. In the event of any issue, the response times of the support team are drastically reduced.




Our software is certified by the industry's major vendors, ensuring compatibility and full support with their applications