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Linux MX 19 available for download

Posted by UDS Enterprise TeamLinux MX 19 available for download 2019-10-24 UDS Enterprise TeamLinux MX 19 available for download

Version 19 of the Linux MX distribution has already been released. One of the highlights is that it is based on the latest release of Debian, 10.1 (Buster). It is governed by Linux Kernel 4.19 and as a desktop environment uses XFCE 4.14.


The entire suite of tools of this distro has been updated and now they incorporate new options. These are the MX tools, very useful to be able to install other programs in a very simple way or, for example, to make configurations in the system without using the terminal.

The developers of Linux MX 19 have put special focus on security. This version is patched against SUDO, so all users are advised to upgrade to this new release so that this vulnerability does not affect them.

Most of the applications included in MX 19 have been updated to their latest versions available. This is the case of Firefox, Thunderbird, LibreOffice, VLC or GIMP, among others.

MX Linux is the result of the union of the best tools developed by the communities of antiX and MEPIS. It is a medium-weight operating system designed to combine an elegant and efficient desktop with a simple configuration, high stability and solid performance.

To check all the new features added to version 19 of this OS visit their website.

You can download Linux MX 19 at this link.



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