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OpenStack Pike delivers composable infrastructure services

Posted by UDS Enterprise TeamOpenStack Pike delivers composable infrastructure services 2017-09-04 UDS Enterprise TeamOpenStack Pike delivers composable infrastructure services

The OpenStack Community has recently announced a new version of the cloud orchestrator: OpenStack Pike. The most interesting improvements introduced in this new release include new lifecycle management tolos and commercial delivery models including private-cloud-as-a-service.


The 16th version of this Open Source software is focused on manageability, composability and scale. The software now powers 60 public cloud availability zones and more than a thousand private clouds running across more than five million physical cores.

Composable services are gaining ground to address new use cases like containers. For example, OpenStack Ironic bare metal service now features enhanced integration for Cinder block storage and Neutron networking.

Significant development efforts have gone into lifecycle management tools including OpenStack Kolla, which makes it easier to manage and upgrade OpenStack using services like Kubernetes and Ansible.

To try this new OpenStack version you can download it here.



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