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Join the World Backup Day improving security with VDI

The UDS Enterprise team joins the World Backup Day recommending the use of VDI to improve backup policies. Implementing desktop virtualization technology, the backup of the virtual desktops becomes...
READ MORE 2015-03-31 UDS Enterprise TeamJoin the World Backup Day improving security with VDI

Keep your data safe with desktop virtualization

A VDI platform may greatly improve the security of critical information, as it allows administrators to ensure the user workstation environment by controlling access to virtual desktops, refusing...
READ MORE 2014-11-13 UDS Enterprise TeamKeep your data safe with desktop virtualization

VDI as disaster recovery strategy

Most organizations are provided with a disaster recovery plan that includes the steps to follow in case of natural disaster or a prolonged power outage that prevents them from accessing the jobs lo...
READ MORE 2014-11-05 UDS Enterprise TeamVDI as disaster recovery strategy

VMworld Europe 2014 Day 1: Interesting VDI news

VMworld Europe 2014 opened today in Barcelona. In this first day of one of the most outstanding virtualization and cloud computing events, VMware announced new products, program and service that ad...
READ MORE 2014-10-14 UDS Enterprise TeamVMworld Europe 2014 Day 1: Interesting VDI news

Hyper-V virtual switch security options

There are several options that administrators should keep in mind in order to isolate virtual machines inside a Hyper-V virtual switch and thus monitor incoming and outgoing traffic and improve the...
READ MORE 2014-10-10 UDS Enterprise TeamHyper-V virtual switch security options

Security bug found in Xen hypervisor

A vulnerability in Xen hypervisor has broken the security around multi-tenant environments. It allows Xen hardware virtual machines (HVM) to access data storaged in other HVM-based machines that ar...
READ MORE 2014-10-03 UDS Enterprise TeamSecurity bug found in Xen hypervisor

Major vulnerability found in bash

A major vulnerability has been discovered that targets bash, the Unix system (including OSX) and Linux commands interpreter. Apparently, this security flaw is also affecting other interpreters, suc...
READ MORE 2014-09-26 UDS Enterprise TeamMajor vulnerability found in bash