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Linux MX 19 available for download

Version 19 of the Linux MX distribution has already been released. One of the highlights is that it is based on the latest release of Debian, 10.1 (Buster). It is governed by Linux Kernel 4.19 and...
READ MORE 2019-10-24 UDS Enterprise TeamLinux MX 19 available for download

Debian 10.1 officially released

The Debian project developers have announced the official availability of the first update of Debian 10 "buster". This new release brings together a series of important security fixes and adjustmen...
READ MORE 2019-09-09 UDS Enterprise TeamDebian 10.1 officially released

How to upgrade to Debian 9 Stretch

If you are a user of Debian 8 Jessie and wish to continue receiving security updates, you must update to the latest version, Debian 9 Stretch as soon as possible. The previous release of this Linux...
READ MORE 2018-06-19 UDS Enterprise TeamHow to upgrade to Debian 9 Stretch

Debian 9.2 available for download

Debian has released the second Debian Stretch maintenance image: Debian 9.2. This means that if you have an installation in progress you do not have to use it, keeping the update packages up to dat...
READ MORE 2017-10-09 UDS Enterprise TeamDebian 9.2 available for download

Debian 8.1 officially released

Debian 8.1 is available for download. The developers have been working for 2 years to release this new version of the Open Source operating system. This new edition, which is called Jessie arrives ...
READ MORE 2015-06-08 UDS Enterprise TeamDebian 8.1 officially released