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Remote working with UDS and Raspberry Pi in TECNIRIS

Posted by UDS Enterprise TeamRemote working with UDS and Raspberry Pi in TECNIRIS 2021-03-11 UDS Enterprise TeamRemote working with UDS and Raspberry Pi in TECNIRIS

UDS Enterprise will star in the next TECNIRIS video session organized by RedIRIS next Tuesday, March 16. The event will focus on Experiences with Raspberry Pi in the ICT services of the academic-scientific community.

One of our clients suggested this topic, the Badajoz Provincial Council, who will share details about its project to deploy a remote working platform with Raspberries Pi and UDS Enterprise.

Raspberry Pi

Eladio Maqueda, Head of the Badajoz Provincial Council's IT Systems, will lead this exciting presentation. He will explain why they have chosen our connection broker and low-cost remote devices to build their remote working environment. Throughout this year, 200 terminals will be enabled for staff from the Provincial Council and city councils throughout the province.

The project comprises four scenarios:

• Connection to remote desktops with VPN.

• Connection through UDS Enterprise to virtualized applications.

• Connection through UDS Enterprise to non-persistent virtual desktops.

• Video conferencing and IP telephony.

Attendees will have the opportunity to participate in the session by asking live questions and sharing their own experiences with Raspberry Pi devices.

The meeting will be held next Tuesday, March 16, at 10:30. More info in this link.

For more information about the compatibility of our VDI and vApp software with Raspberry Pi terminals, you can have a look at the following articles in our blog:

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