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"The educational system must promote free computing"

Posted by UDS Enterprise Team"The educational system must promote free computing" 2020-09-09 UDS Enterprise Team"The educational system must promote free computing"

The active group for the promotion and dissemination of free computing Pica Pica HackLab claims the use of free computing in the educational system. They appeal all the agents involved: Government, Ministry and Ministries of Education, rectors, directors, heads of studies, defenders of students and teachers; because they consider that it is now more necessary than ever due to the generalized scenario of distance learning.


They explain that free software, services, formats and protocols are "those that can be used, modified and shared by everyone, without imposing technical, legal or economic restrictions."

"This type of free elements provide a level of security and reliability that is impossible to achieve with proprietary computing, since free access to the source code allows audits to be carried out to inspect the code itself to detect and correct autonomously the failures, errors and security issues, preventing the hiding of spy functions and back doors that allow non-consensual remote access to devices or the sending of personal information,” they point out. This allows to preserve the autonomy and technological sovereignty and the security of personal data and of administrations and organizations.

Free computing avoids costly dependence on a single company for maintenance, corrections, improvements, modifications and updates. Instead, it promotes the position of the critical consumer, in addition to fostering the creation of local employment and the development of its own regional IT sector and independent of the US transnationals that currently monopolize the sector, thus promoting economic autonomy and technological sovereignty.

“Something also relevant when talking about the educational system is that being able to use, copy and share, modify and improve computer tools in a cooperative and collaborative way, fosters values as important and necessary as sharing, helping others, collaborating, cooperating, working as a team, creating a community, and actively defend people's rights and freedoms. It also encourages and stimulates ethical reflection, critical spirit, learning, curiosity and creativity ", this group assures.

They recall that "free computing currently offers mature and professional alternatives in the vast majority of computing fields, being the preferred choice in many applications in which stability and security are critical". Hence, its widespread use by Internet service providers as well as in research at physics, mathematics and statistics. It is also worth mentioning that 100% of the 500 most powerful supercomputers on the planet use GNU / Linux operating systems.

Finally, they point out that the Article 4.i of Law 11/2007, of June 22, on electronic access of citizens to Public Services establishes that Spanish public administrations must use free standards for formats and protocols.

Due to all this, from Pica Pica HackLab they urge reflecting on the use of free computing not only to the Government, Ministry and Ministries of Education, rectors, directors, heads of studies, defenders of students and teachers; but also to students, student associations, associations of mothers and fathers, unions and movements and marches for the improvement of the educational system. They encourage all of them to “join and spread this claim and not let the possible current feeling of fear or bewilderment be used to introduce negative changes to the educational system that are costly and difficult to reverse in the future, compromise the security of personal data and of the administrations and organizations, and are illegal”.

For more information, see the Pica Pica HackLab website.



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