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A sneak peek to UDS Enterprise graphical customizations

Posted by UDS Enterprise TeamA sneak peek to UDS Enterprise graphical customizations 2020-06-11 UDS Enterprise TeamA sneak peek to UDS Enterprise graphical customizations

One of the best rated aspects of UDS Enterprise by community users is its Open Source core. This feature offers unlimited flexibility and opens up a wide range of possibilities to tailor this desktop and application virtualization broker to the specific needs of each project, both technically and image wise. It allows to be easily integrated with third-party software and to incorporate own developments, making it a custom tool.

In addition, it enables each organization to personalize the solution with its corporate image, giving it a unique and highly professional appearance. It is possible to modify the general appearance of the access page and also of the different sections of the administration panel. Each client can add their own logo and change the color of the login window, the background, the font, images, change the position of the elements...

Most of our clients choose to customize the appearance of UDS Enterprise. This is the case of the University of Murcia which, as you can see in the following images, has customized both the access portal for students, researchers and staff, and the user services page:

UDS Enterprise login University Murcia

uds enterprise user services dashboard university murcia

Another example of personalization is that of the Universitat Politècnica de València, which has named its access service to VDI and vApp with UDS Enterprise as PoliLabs. As you will see below, they have enabled the “Authenticator” field so that each group of users can access with the authentication system defined by the administrator of the platform:

uds enterprise login universitat politecnica valencia

As you can see in the following screenshot, they have created two different tabs on the user services page,to group, on the one hand, the virtual desktops and, on the other hand, the virtual applications.

uds enterprise user services universitat politecnica valencia

The University of Malaga has integrated UDS Enterprise with Moodle. So the first access is made from this eLearning platform, which directs users to the Virtual PC service:

uds enterprise login university malaga

Once they enter their enter credentials and select the corresponding authenticator, users access a screen like the one shown below. The different virtual desktops and applications, as well as remote access to the physical computers of the university, are arranged in different tabs, so that users can easily locate the tool they need to use:

uds enterprise user services university malaga

The Université Catholique de Louvain has also customized its login page with its logo and corporate colors:

uds enterprise login universite catholique louvain

On the services page they have designed a tab for each group of users. Didac UCL for students, Poste privé for the IT team and University staff:

uds enterprise students it staff universite catholique louvain

And Remote App for researchers:

uds enterprise remote app universite catholique louvain

The University of Cádiz has chosen a different design for its Virtual Classroom System with UDS Enterprise:

uds enterprise students login university cadiz

In the user dashboard they have included a small menu on the left with different options:

uds enterprise user services university cadiz

As you have seen, UDS Enterprise offers great possibilities when it comes to customizing the platform, with the advantage that the modifications are made very easily. In the “Documentation” section of our website you will find a guide where you can check the steps to follow.

The next release UDS Enterprise 3.0, which is currently in beta, introduces a new way to customize the platform. It can be done through a development environment or directly from the administration panel of UDS Enterprise. As a novelty, you can preview the changes without having to pause the production environment. We will reveal all the details in another article that we will publish soon.

For more information on customizing our UDS Enterprise VDI and vApp broker, you can contact our team at [email protected]



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