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The Open Source community meets this weekend at FOSDEM

Posted by UDS Enterprise TeamThe Open Source community meets this weekend at FOSDEM 2020-01-31 UDS Enterprise TeamThe Open Source community meets this weekend at FOSDEM

Thousands of Free and Open Source Software developers from around the world will meet this weekend at one of the most important events in this sector: FOSDEM 2020. As usual, Brussels will host the 20th edition of this event organized by a community of volunteers to share ideas and work collaboratively.


The objective of this event organized by and for the community is to promote the development and benefits of Free Software and Open Source solutions. It is the perfect forum to meet other developers and projects, learn about the latest developments of Free Software and Open Source and attend interesting talks and presentations given by project leaders and committers.

In this edition, which expects to bring together more than 8,000 developers, it will feature This edition features 833 speakers, 855 events, and 71 tracks. The different sessions and activities fall into the following categories: keynotes, main tracks, developer rooms, lightning talks, stands and certification exams.

The vast majority of events, such as talks, hacking sessions and open discussions, will be held in the so called developer rooms (devrooms), organized and managed by Open Source projects, or by several projects associated on a common topic.

FOSDEM attendees will find a wide range of stands located in the hallways of the buildings of the ULB Solbosch Campus in Brussels. In them, the developers themselves and project members will talk about their individual works.

It should be remembered that visitors will also be able to take advantage of their assistance to the event to take different certification exams. To attend FOSDEM 2020 it is not necessary to register and the participation is totally free, although donations are welcome.

Those interested who cannot attend FOSDEM 2020 can follow the main presentations, devrooms and lightning talks in live streaming.

For more information, see the event website.



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