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10 technology predictions for 2020

Posted by UDS Enterprise Team10 technology predictions for 2020 2019-12-19 UDS Enterprise Team10 technology predictions for 2020

When there are two weeks left until 2019 ends, it is the perfect moment to make balance of the technologies that have been a trend during the year that ends and also to look into the future. Analysts launch these days their predictions for next year and thus help companies plan their strategies.


The experts of the consulting firm IDC in Europe revealed last week what they believe will be the 10 most outstanding technological trends for 2020 and beyond:

  1. Focus on digital capabilities: At least two members of the board of directors of 25% of the top 500 European companies will have digital business excellence capabilities.

  2. Digital investments: In Europe more than 271,000 million dollars will be invested in digital transformation.

  3. Data collection from connected devices: The data collected through these devices will generate revenues of 10,500 million dollars in 2022.

  4. IT Modernization: 60% of companies will initiate a modernization process of their core IT, taking advantage of the cloud and improving their productivity up to 25%.

  5. New roles of technology leaders: 30% of organizations will define a new technology leadership role combining the functions of CIO, CTO, CDO and innovation leaders.

  6. Transformation to become more intelligent: In 2023, Artificial Intelligence will drive 70% of intelligent automation initiatives in Europe.

  7. Replacement of KPI-based metrics with KBI: By 2022, KPI-based success metrics will be replaced by KBI in 60% of major companies to accelerate employee and customer advocacy.

  8. Acceleration of cultural change: A third of organizations will fail to accelerate business agility and innovation due to a copycat culture.

  9. CISOs will become business leaders: These professionals must establish themselves as business leaders who can provide digital trust before 2022.

  10. Greater ethics for digital technologies: Half of European companies will report in 2024 on ethics in the use of data applied to automation and artificial intelligence.

IDC analysts made these predictions during a webinar about the future of companies and innovation in organizations. The online session recording is available at this link.



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