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Hacktoberfest: Contribute to Open Source projects

Posted by UDS Enterprise TeamHacktoberfest: Contribute to Open Source projects 2019-09-30 UDS Enterprise TeamHacktoberfest: Contribute to Open Source projects

A new edition of Hacktoberfest, an initiative of DigitalOcean and DEV that encourages support for the Open Source ecosystem is celebrated this October. Developers of all kinds, from beginners to veterans, are invited to participate in this event. They just have to choose an Open Source project hosted on GitHub and make a contribution.


Developers or companies that have their projects hosted on this platform can guide participants and suggest the most interesting aspects to improve so that the project moves forward. However, any type of contribution is welcome and bug fixes and documentation updates are also accepted.

To find the projects that are targeted to this activity, just search on GitHub with the Hacktoberfest tag. But not only can you contribute to these projects, contributions are allowed to any public repository.

If you’d like to participate, you can now register at the official event website. Contributions can be made from October 1 to 31. The first 50,000 participants will receive a commemorative t-shirt.

This online appointment is complemented with physical events that will be held throughout the month in different cities around the world. Last year 267 events were organized in 50 countries. In this list you can find the event closest to your city.



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