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Linux vApp with UDS Enterprise: recommendations

Posted by UDS Enterprise TeamLinux vApp with UDS Enterprise: recommendations 2019-01-14 UDS Enterprise TeamLinux vApp with UDS Enterprise: recommendations

The UDS Enterprise team recommends a series of configurations when planning a deployment of Linux virtual applications using this VDI & vApp connection broker.

The first one refers to the persistence of the virtual desktops where the apps will be deployed. It is advisable to use non-persistent desktops, so that when a user finishes using a virtual application, the desktop where the application is running is removed.


The advantages of this type of desktops include:

  1. Simplified management. Non-persistent VDIs are created from a single image, so administrators only have to deploy virtual applications once. The same happens when applying security patches, configuring updates or backup. Performing these actions in the template virtual machine or Golden image is enough, since these changes will be automatically implemented to all non-persistent virtual desktops based on it.

  2. Savings. Since they are based on the same image and don’t allow saving any data or configuration on the desktop, much less storage space is required. At the same time, we make sure that only the resources that are being used at each moment are consumed.

  3. Issue resolution. If any type of issue occurs, just by closing the application, the system returns to its initial state by delivering a new application (in a new desktop) to the user in a totally secure and controlled way.

It should be noted that this is only a recommendation, but persistent virtual desktops can also be used, so that the virtual desktop where the vApp is hosted will always be the same.

Before deciding whether to use persistent or non persistent virtual desktops to create Linux virtual applications, it is suggested to study the specific needs of each group of users. If you are not clear about which one is best for your enterprise, you can get in touch with the UDS Enterprise team at [email protected]



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