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24 free software tools to be used in the classroom

Posted by UDS Enterprise Team24 free software tools to be used in the classroom 2018-11-14 UDS Enterprise Team24 free software tools to be used in the classroom

The Spanish National Center for Curriculum Development in Non-Proprietary Systems (CEDEC) published an interesting list of free software tools extremely useful for teachers and students. These tools are listed in the following infographic:


When choosing between ICT resources and tools to use in the classroom, this organization recommends the use of free software tools, which can cover all the needs of the educational environment.

In addition, they provide important advantages, such as the possibility of downloading and using the tool at no cost and using it for as long as it is needed; or being able to install it on all the devices needed.

The free and continued support by the community and the security of these tools are other points highlighted by this organization, along with the lack of incompatibility problems, given that free software is always adjusted to standards.

CEDEC is a Spanish agency that depends on the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports through the National Institute of Educational Technologies and Teacher Training (INTEF) and the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Government of Extremadura.

Its objective is to promote and develop digital educational materials and resources using free software to make them available to the entire educational community.

Source: CEDEC.



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