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Configuring Windows vApps in HA with UDS Enterprise

Posted by UDS Enterprise Team Configuring Windows vApps in HA with UDS Enterprise 2018-09-07 UDS Enterprise Team Configuring Windows vApps in HA with UDS Enterprise

UDS Enterprise 2.2 connection broker allows you to deploy virtual Windows applications in high availability (HA). This new functionality allows to avoid downtime or latency and guarantees a 24/7 seamless service for the users of the apps.


HA is configured in a fast and simple way from the "Services" section of UDS Enterprise administration dashboard. There, we will register a new Service Provider of type "RDS platform provider", the connector needed to serve Windows applications.

To activate HA in the virtual apps server that we are creating, we must enable the last option that appears in the configuration options of this Service Provider. When selecting "Server Checking: Yes" the system verifies that the server is in a valid state before deploying an application. In case the server where the application should be deployed is not in a valid state when the user makes the request, the system automatically diverts the request temporarily to another server that is active. This system therefore guarantees that, while there are available servers, the user will have immediate access to the application, thus providing high availability.

Access to the apps is still done in the same way as in previous versions of UDS Enterprise. The connection broker performs a balancing at user level, since it assigns users a default RDS server from the available list. If a user is already working with an application hosted on an RDS server, all other apps requested by this user will be deployed from that same server, thus achieving a better connection and considerably reducing downtime. This mechanism also avoids the need to configure and administer an RDS farm, since the balancing services that would be carried out by said farm are carried out by the UDS Enterprise system itself.

High availability in Windows virtual applications is one of the new features introduced in the latest release of UDS Enterprise. In this version of the VDI and vApp connection broker, the development team has specially focused on application virtualization, improving the existing Windows application virtualization and introducing the virtualization of Linux applications.



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