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Developers prefer Linux

Posted by UDS Enterprise TeamDevelopers prefer Linux 2018-03-16 UDS Enterprise TeamDevelopers prefer Linux

Linux is the best operating system to develop computer programs. This is what the annual Stack Overflow survey carried out with more than 100,000 developers. A 48.3% of the surveyed developers claim to perform developments for Linux, compared to 35.4% that use Windows OS for coding. In third and fourth places are Android and iOS, thing that shows the rise of mobile applications.


The answers are different when asking about the operating system that they use to work. Approximately half said that they mainly use Windows and the rest is divided equally between macOS and Linux.

As for the most used programming languages, JavaScrip is placed at the top for the sixth consecutive year. Python has climbed positions surpassing C#, which makes it the programming language that has grown fastest in recent years.

Between frames and libraries Node.js and AngularJS are still the most used technologies, and the field of databases is led by MySQL and SQL Server.

Visual Studio Code has surpassed Visual Studio as the most popular development environment tool in general, although there are differences in tool options depending on the type and role of the developer. Those who write code for mobile applications prefer Android Studio and Xcode, while DevOps and system administrators choose Vim, and the data scientists usually choose IPython, Jupyter, PyCharm and RStudio.

Stack Overflow is one of the most popular websites to help developers, and since 2011, thousands of developers have been asked by this website about their favorite technologies, coding habits, work preferences, how they learn and share and so on in order to develop an annual study designed to raise the employers' awareness on the role of developers and their needs.

You can consult the results of the complete study here.



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