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Access virtual desktops in UDS through HTML5

Posted by UDS Enterprise TeamAccess virtual desktops in UDS through HTML5 2017-01-17 UDS Enterprise TeamAccess virtual desktops in UDS through HTML5

UDS Enterprise incorporates HTML5, among others, as transport and access protocol to both Linux and Windows virtual desktops.


The "HTML5 RDP Transport" protocol allows access to Windows and Linux virtual desktops through the RDP protocol in a web browser that supports HTML5 (for Linux desktops it is necessary for the machines to have the XRDP package installed and for Windows desktops, RDP access Has to be enabled).

This transport uses the UDS Tunneler server to make the connection against the virtual desktops, having to be previously configured for a correct function.

The assignment of a transport of type "HTML5 RDP Transport" is simple and can be summarized in the following steps:

-Register a new transport of type "HTML5 RDP Transport" in the "Transport" section through the UDS interface.

-Place the UDS Tunneler server address, credentials and fill in the other fields of all the tabs.

-Make sure the data provided is correct, save and close window.

-In the Service pool section, click on the desired service and assign the newly created "HTML5 RDP Transport" transport to the desired service in the menu below.

-Switch from "Dashboard" mode to "User" mode and click on the transport icon in the modified service, choose HTML5 and continue.

For more details and screenshots on HTML5 transport, see our manual, section 4.6.1 page 168.



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