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How to improve the security of Linux containers

Posted by UDS Enterprise TeamHow to improve the security of Linux containers 2016-11-14 UDS Enterprise TeamHow to improve the security of Linux containers

Software developers use Linux containers to save time and money, providing a mechanism to build much more manageable applications through development, testing and environments of implementation with a better security in the software life cycle as in their actions and scenarios.

According to Forrester, more than half of operations and IT development responsible see security as the biggest concern when adopting containers.


Red Hat Platforms and Containers Commercial Marketing Manager, Kimberly Craven, has offered a number of keys to expand Linux container security such as the need to use trusted sources.

More than 30% of official images in Docker Hub contain high priority vulnerabilities, BanyanOps has published in a recent study. Certifications created by Red Hat and other industry leaders ensure that all components come from trusted sources and that the packages of the platform are complete and updated with authenticity. The execution of the containers must be through certified host environments and the source of a container must be verified.

The host OS must be maintained by trusted engineers, and must be updated frequently with the latest security standards to avoid inheriting the dangerous security model provided by that host.

Any Linux container, like its contents, can become obsolete over time as new vulnerabilities are identified daily. A single vulnerability can break and put your entire infrastructure in danger. In summary, in order to maximize the benefits offered by containers, while ensuring safety, it is important for organizations to give importance to the source, content, isolation and trust in the time.

Source: TICBeat Blog



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