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FreeBSD available in Azure Marketplace

Posted by UDS Enterprise TeamFreeBSD available in Azure Marketplace 2016-06-09 UDS Enterprise TeamFreeBSD available in Azure Marketplace

Microsoft has announced the availability of FreeBSD in Azure marketplace and official support as a guest on Hyper-V, meaning Microsoft Support will answer any question and will fix any issue reported by customers.

The company explains in the official blog that many virtual appliance verndors base their products on FreeBSD operating system, and that's why they decided to develop FreeBSD 10.3 as a ready-made VM image to run in Azure, as Hyper-V is the virtualization platform for Azure.


In addition, Microsoft has added Azure VM Guest Agent, which enables communication between FreeBSD VM and Azure Fabric for operations such as provisioning the VM on first use (user name, password, hostname, etc) as well as enabling functionality for selective VM Extensions.

As for future versions of FreeBSD, Microsoft intent is to stay current and make available the latest releases shortly after they are released by the OS engineering team, and they are planning to implement further tune performance on storage, as well as adding new Hyper-V features.



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