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UDS Enterprise & Moodle: Learning 3.0

Posted by UDS Enterprise TeamUDS Enterprise & Moodle: Learning 3.0 2016-04-13 UDS Enterprise TeamUDS Enterprise & Moodle: Learning 3.0

The UDS Enterprise team has bet on the software integration with Moodle to provide best teaching and learning experience to both teachers and students in any educational institution.

With more than 79 million users, Moodle is the most used learning platform in the world, that provides educators, administrators and learners with a single robust, secure and integrated system to create personalised learning environments.


It is an Open Source-based project which is continually reviewed and improved by the community to suit the current and evolving needs of its users.

UDS Enterprise shares Moodle's philosophy, since it is also an Open Source software which can be easily customized to fit the customer's requirements and it can be easily and quickly integrated with third-party software. Neither does it require to buy licences, as it is commercialized through a subscription system based on user segments.

The University of Malaga, which has relied on UDS Enterprise and Moodle for a long time, suggested the integration of both systems to improve the service of its Virtual Campus. In fact, the IT team of this university has led this development together with UDS Enterprise team.

UDS Enterprise and Moodle integration enables the administration and access from the e-learning system to virtual desktops, applications, physical PCs... and any resource hosted on the datacenter through single sign-on.

UDS Enterprise can also be integrated with any online learning platform



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