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A big tent to boost Open Source

Posted by UDS Enterprise TeamA big tent to boost Open Source 2016-03-30 UDS Enterprise TeamA big tent to boost Open Source

The annual Linux Foundation collaboration summit kicked off yesterday. The executive director of the Linux Foundation, Jim Zemlin, opened the conference and advocated for a big tent to improve the development of Open Source software.

This big tent can include everyone who believes software openness is essential to freedom, all Open Source developers and users and all companies supporting the creation of Open Source products.


"Open source gives us an opportunity to make the world a better place", Zemlin said but "while we are winning, we have not won yet, it's too early to declare victory for open source". The reason for not to declare victory has to do with the need to reach and teach a new generation of developers about Open Source licensing. Zemlin explained that while the Linux Foundation already has 500 members, there is also a need to reach new organizations.

Educational efforts are being made to help any firm leverage the power of Open Source, efficiently and responsibly. The Linux Foundation is also investing in free training and professional services to enable better participation.

Zemlin also noted that the Linux Foundation is also investing in reducing what he referred to as legal friction, by making the process of open source legal obligation and code sharing easier.

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