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Open Source software for students and teachers

Posted by UDS Enterprise TeamOpen Source software for students and teachers 2015-08-31 UDS Enterprise TeamOpen Source software for students and teachers

The last day of August marks the end of vacation for teachers and, in a few days, it will also be the end of holidays for students. Going back to school is always a bit tough, so to make it more bearable here are a few Open Source tools that make learning more funny and help avoiding the costs of traditional propietary software:

FocusWriter This app help students avoiding the temptation of constantly having a look at social media.

MoodleCloud This new Moodle service makes more easy both for students and teachers to create virtual classrooms. In addition, the web conferencing system BigBlueButton is included in every course.

Brackets With this HTML text editor students can immediately see the changes introduced in the code in a browser.

RedNotebook It is a calendar-based notebook with a tag system that helps organizing and sharing notes, homework and other tasks.

ownCloud A file sharing software to share documents and files while controlling student data privacy.

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