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VDI in Call Center environments I

Posted by UDS Enterprise TeamVDI in Call Center environments I 2015-05-06 UDS Enterprise TeamVDI in Call Center environments I

The particular features of the Call Center workstation environments are positioning desktop virtualization as the ideal solution to manage and administer this kind of platforms.

Before talking about the benefits of adopting VDI in these environments, we should analyze its peculiarities:

-High operator rotation. In this type of environment, the users change more frequently than in other types of environments. A high rotation entails constant management and administration of the platform authentication system.

-Many operators, same profile. In order to offer a Call Center service, the service itself is provided by a large number of operators. In most cases, these operators have very specific and defined job operations, using work applications and tools that are practically the same for each one of them.

-Limited hardware resources. Normally, the tools and applications used in this type of environment do not require a very high use of resources. The desktop stations currently found on the market offer hardware characteristics that far exceed the resources required for this type of station.

-Practically non-existent documentation. In these types of environments, the operators do not create much documentation in terms of disk space. The existing documentation refers to basic user action procedures and must be available to them. The call reports must be available to the supervisors.

-Frequent changes in the user station. Due to the high rotation of operators and campaigns, it is necessary for the Call Center stations to always be in an operating state for the new user who is going to use the station, which makes it essential to redesign the desktop. It is also necessary to reconfigure the user station each time that call center customer care campaigns in which new tools and applications are used are begun.

-Windows for updates and minimal user station intervention. Due to the fact that in some cases these stations are used 24 hours a day, it is very difficult to make changes to the work station. Therefore, the time openings to make changes are very limited time windows.

-Integration of softphones Call Center tools and applications. In these types of environments, the use of Voice over IP, or VoIP, has been generalized, making it necessary to perfectly integrate the hardphones, softphones, tools and applications used by the users. In some cases, the user needs to register their credentials several times for the different software tools, applications and software.

Once we have learnt the special features of these platforms, we may understand why desktop virtualization may be a useful ally in these environments. Stay tuned to our blog because we'll talk about that in upcoming posts.



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