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Hyper-converged storage systems for VDI

Posted by UDS Enterprise TeamHyper-converged storage systems for VDI 2015-02-13 UDS Enterprise TeamHyper-converged storage systems for VDI

Hyper-converged storage systems are emerging as an ideal option for a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), since they allow providers to manage all configuration options. The system can be preconfigured with the type of storage and adequate networks, so virtual desktops work properly. In addition, having a single contact for support also facilitates the work of the administrator.

In this type of storage, all parts of the system are designed to work together and they are optimized for a specific type of virtualization (server virtualization or VDI). This makes it fairly simple to start with a small pilot and then update it and expand it to support the entire organization.

Desktop virtualization provides significant benefits to the IT department, since the administrator, rather than having to work on each PC, can handle from the server clients, updates and security configuration. Moreover, hiper-converged systems also simplify administration, so that the reduced management and maintenance will produce long-term savings.

Another issue that should be taken into account when choosing the storage for VDI is that they must endure a high number of users working at the same time, since usually in most companies nearly all employees switch on computers at the same time. As part of the hiper-converged systems is based on flash, latency is considerably reduced in these cases.

In short, hyper-converged storage may be an excellent solution for VDI because it removes the configuration handicaps sometimes associated to desktop virtualization.

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